Sunday, September 7, 2008

Watch Videos Learn Republican Truths

Who's better for America - Barack Obama or John McCain?

As we draw closer to elections, it is important to look more closely at republican politics, Sarah Palin and John McCain or democrats Obama and Biden as there's a lot at stake. The American way of life is under threat on all fronts. We have an out-going president, Bush incumbent, McCain (voted with Bush 90% of the time) that has the lowest rating of any politician and our economy is heading for disaster.

In the interest of bringing knowledge to the electorate, I have done some research so that I could offer instances of these candidates sounding off on what matters to us, middle-class Americans. We are the ones that suffer the most in a failing economy like this one that George Bush has created. Read, dissect the issues and draw your own conclusions don't rely on places like FOX-News and CNN. These networks seek to taint the process by injecting their opinions and trying to influence the outcome in favor of big business.

We can't gas up our cars, we are paying high taxes while we have no health care. A few months ago, a woman died on the floor of a hospital in NYC while health care professionals walked around. Is this health care we can believe in? Do we need more of the same?

We would have to be suckers for punishment to endure another 4-years of this same treatment. It is time to change things in America and do so now in all areas - no more wars. While we were busy spending $10B a month in Iraq, we have been now lost 600,000 jobs this calendar year and we have 6.1% unemployed.

Pay close attention to political research, my favorite youtube videos. While some are funny to lighten things up - God knows we need to laugh a bit at ourselves - careful reviews will show the major differences between Obama democrats and McCain republicans.

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