Monday, September 8, 2008

Sarah Palin GOP Distraction Bait don't Get Hooked

So it’s false that Palin has banned books from the Library when she was Major. Let`s break out the champagne and hand the Republicans The Grapes of Wrath for being on the side of truth for once. Fact is that she asked the Librarian if she would be agreeable to a ban of books and she said no. Why would Sarah Palin ask this question of the Librarian in the first place? Does she have problems with books? Doesn’t she realize that books are for reading, informing, expanding one’s outlook, stimulating the mind, providing enjoyment, teaching new and expanding on old concepts.

If Sarah Palin doesn’t believe in sex education in schools and she believes in abstinence, she should have looked for books on the subjects of her belief and have Bristol, her now pregnant teen, read them as a way of endorsing and enforcing her value system to her child. Perhaps, this would have helped her to comply because she would be more informed than simply being told to abstain.

Teenagers are finding their own identities and they love to do the opposite to what adults tell them to do. Preaching never works, you have to gain their confidence and be their friend, not their parent as they enter these adolescent years. If you are seen as one of the girls, then you will have their ear and hopefully their respect. It also helps to introduce certain books on their changing bodies, their sexuality and about their self-esteem as additional tools they can use to reinforce your guidance. Banning books is never a good idea – that’s as bad as the Nazis burning them.

It is extremely important for all those independent voters like myself to review everything, watch every video, focus on the issues of health care, taxes, jobs, safe troop withdrawal, equal pay for equal work for women and not be misled by the distraction in the Sarah Palin Reality Show. If you like me are familiar with fishing, this is bait so don't be a fish and get hooked because you could end up gutted on someone's table. For the simple-minded, this is figurative but in real terms you could end up bankrupt - think.

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