Friday, September 26, 2008

John McCain Mississippi Debate Political Stunt

McCain is a maverick politician who knows how to spin his Wheel of Fortune for the prize he yearns each time. For some strange reason, it is hoped that Obama's strategists have some tactical move in play, Obama reached out to McCain and offered him a chance to cut bait. Obama called McCain and suggested that they make a joint-statement about the $700B bailout.

Before Obama could hang up the phone, McCain is seen on TV announcing that he is suspending his campaign, postponing the debate and heading back to Washington, D.C. This was obviously intended to fool Obama into suspending his campaign ads, campaigning, etc. but Obama declined McCain's offer to go to Washington, D.C. because rightly so it would inject presidential politics into a very delicate set of negotiations.

McCain-Bush then realize that if President, Bush extended an offer Obama would have no choice but to show up. Meanwhile, McCain goes to a meeting with the President and makes no public meaningful contribution but it seems that he did make a contribution behind the scene. Suddenly, the house Republicans have a completely new proposal that was never discussed or seen before.

Now John McCain is holding the organizers of the debate to ransom - no bailout deal, no debate. Is anyone home? Can McCain really play this cat and mouse game with all these intelligent members of the press? Why is no one asking the obvious question, Mr. McCain why did you come to Washington, D.C. if you were going to sit in silence at the table?

As McCain adviser Alex Castellanos says on Anderson 360 CNN that clearly McCain is the underdog and he has to take risks to win. Well said, it's all about winning and politics - not "country first" so don't be fooled by McCain's slogans - watch his actions carefully.

If McCain can't multi-task, is he capable of being the United States President in this century? If he can't make a 90-minute speech in Mississippi, continue campaigning and stay in touch with the bailout talks at the same time, why is he in this election campaign? America, do you now see why you cannot elect this McCain-Bush-Palin ticket?

Bush appeared on TV last night trying to scare us about the impending dooms day scenario and in less than 24-hours John McCain is acting like the four-year old that takes his marbles and goes home - isn't he supposed to be an experienced maverick? What happened - is he having a senior moment? It is clear that age does not make you experienced or mature.

If McCain were a boxer the referee would caution him about "holding". Is he coming back to debate Obama like a mature adult? Can someone talk to him and tell him he looking really stupid? McCain you can cancel Larry King and David Letterman but not the people's business. Can someone tell McCain that he's not up for Class President?

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