Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Energy Expert Gives False Figures on Oil Production

Palin's brain seems to be as old as McCain's because she can't remember what foreign countries she has visited, even though the record shows that she got a passport for the first time in 2007. How long is that? Apparently, her trip to Ireland was a re-fueling stop and the National Guard has now confirmed that she never entered Iraq.

Are you not tired of all this deception and outright lies? With all of these economic issues in the form of foreclosures, Lehman Bros. Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, Fredie Mac and Fannie Mae you would think that there's more than enough fodder to go around.

People need to start protesting her selection as a running mate for the Republicans. McCain has shown very poor judgment in picking this lady. His decision-making is questionable. He's obviously not taking the job of President very serious because he thinks that any person that lives close to Russia is a foreign relations expert.

How about the statement that she made that Alaska produces 20% of America's oil when in actual fact it is only 3%? By picking Sarah Palin, John McCain has shown that he is not competent to serve as President of our great country so let's put them out of their misery on November 4th.

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