Wednesday, September 24, 2008

George Bush Eight is Enough in Forty Days

For McCain it's politics as usual. The political maverick has ceased the opportunity to cut bait and run because he's been fishing all day and can't seem to catch anything. So Bush throws him a free pass - the worse political man-made economic crisis since the great depression. Where's the evidence to support this catastrophe? Give us all the files, all the details no exception, no bull - please don't spear us from ourselves?

McCain goes further - let's postpone the debate. In other words, postpone the people's business of getting any sense of who's most qualified to handle many crises at once. Now, he's saying that if a deal is not reached by Friday on Bush's $700B bailout of Wall Street, he's not going to the debate. More Bush tactics by McCain, it's my way or the highway. Is this the change that McCain talks about?

We have only 40-days left of George Bush's term in office so there is plenty of time to work out clear, decisive options for the Wall Street crisis. This is Bush's last ditch attempt to save his friends, give them money to run to Switzerland or some such place to avoid FBI prosecution. Remember, Martha Stewart she went to jail for less - where's the justice?

We, the people, will have the power in 40-days. Don't let them diminish your power by frightening you into doing what Bush tells you. Use the power of your vote wisely. This is the one time that you get to decide to end the killing of your innocent children in unnecessary wars. Tell Bush that you postpone action on his crisis until you vote for the person that can fix it.

Let the financial markets deal with the crisis. Warren Buffet just invested $9B in Goldman Sachs and others like him will buy the profitable entities on Wall Street and the unprofitable ones will go bankrupt - that's what happens in Capitalism.

Tell your Congressman that if he supports this $700B bailout for Wall Street, you will not vote for them. Let them know also that they are people dispossessed by hurricane, Gustav and it will take months, if not years to get them the help they need to re-build their lives but somehow Wall Street has to get help in 7-days. Let them know that you can see clearly who's important to the Republicans and it's not ordinary people.

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