Friday, September 26, 2008

Bush-McCain OwnYour 8-Year ShitPile no Exception

The Democrats are going to be eaten not by the Barracuda but the Great White Sharks, the House Republicans. Great political move by Bush-McCain-Palin team - why is it so you may ask? The Senate became Democratic only 2-years ago. Prior to this, Senate Republicans were in charge for 6-years.

In the eyes of the Republicans and anyone who's knows how to play the game of politics, it would be unwise to allow the people to re-elect a majority Democratic Senate or Congress. This would theoretically be advantageous for an Obama Administration in light of all his talk about changing the way things are done in Washington D.C.

McCain-Bush have somehow managed to inject enough politics into the $700B bailout negotiations to have it spun that the Democrats are the ones that are siding with Bush in handing over the people's money to Wall Street. It is hoped that the ordinary people would miss the politics and focus on the antics of McCain-Bush-Palin.

There are now those who are trying to spin this whole mortgage meltdown to as far back as the Clinton-administration in '90s. There's a New York article that’s been floating around saying that Clinton was putting pressure on Fanny Mae to lend money to poorer and middle-classed Americans so they could own houses.

Everybody in the press rushed to help perpetuate this without asking why did George Bush not steer the ship in another direction if he could see the iceberg ahead? Why did he ram his ship straight into it and start taking on water before he accepted that he was negligent in not avoiding the danger ahead?

To say that somehow Clinton started this is preposterous. Clinton left George Bush a huge surplus, prosperity in high employment and a thriving business environment. What happened in the last 8-years? Are you better off today than you were 8-years ago? That's the bottom line and under whose watch. The Bush-McCain republicans are in charge now and even after injecting $400B into the economy, it is still on a free-fall.

Where's the proof that injecting $700B bailout without specific instructions as to who, where, what, why and when will stem this free-fall, curtail the bankruptcies and not just create inflationary pressure on the economy?

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