Monday, August 17, 2009

President Obama Falls to Special Interest Groups

President Obama is definitely committing political suicide if he continues on the current vain. Does he realize that fully 60% of electorate want healthcare with a Public Option? Do the Democrats in the Senate realize that their political lives hang in the balance on this issue? How can they now side with the Republicans on health care after campaigning for real reform in health care?

President Obama is this change that we can believe in - shame on you? What about the problems your mother had with the insurance company on her death bed? Have you now yielded to the lobbyists? Why not let the bill die in the Senate and start over with your political integrity in tact?

Democrats have no political backbone - first it was the Banks now it's health care. Those 40 plus million uninsured Americans will be in the same boat if there's no public option. Who is going to pay for their insurance coverage? Republicans are running around the country lamenting that President Obama is changing their way of life and the Democrat controlled Senate is caving into the special interest because of fear.

Word to the wise, Mr. President you will be a one-term President if you fail to deliver on this one because you were given a mandate from the American people. It is doubtful that you can survive this kind of political blunder and deceive the people by siding with those spineless Democratic senators.