Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sick Joke Sinks McCain's Campaign

Ed Pilkington of The Guardian said that McCain's sick joke about Chelsea Clinton a decade ago would have buried him politically had he been a British politician. He can't imagine the British papers making a decision to downplay such a story because it was in poor taste and allow him the opportunity to continue his quest for the White House.

This is what John McCain said at a fund-raising dinner in Arizona a decade ago. "Do you know why Chelsea Clinton is so ugly?" he told a handful of big Republican funders, "because Janet Reno is her father". Is this the gentleman that everyone is now talking about? The noble war hero who is so full of judgment, tolerance, compassion and worthy of everyone's trust.

Why aren't we being told about any of these things by the media? He now thinks that he can court Hillary Clinton's supporters with Sarah Palin. Back then, June 1998, in 15-words the remark packed several layers of misogyny. It disparaged Chelsea's looks who was a 18-year old teenager at the time just out of high school. It portrayed Reno as a man who was serving as the nation's first female attorney general and it suggested that Hillary Clinton was engaged in a lesbian affair while the Monica Lewinsky scandal was at it's height. Good job, Senator McCain.

Do you realize that any of these elements would be potentially terminal for a public figure. Not in America, here he is 10-years later touting himself as a champion of women's rights by appointing Sarah Palin as his hockey mom a.k.a. running mate a.k.a. Pit Bull with lipstick. There''s a famous saying that it is good to forgive but you should never forget.

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