Friday, October 10, 2008

Palin Supports Alaska Secessionsts McCain Flip Flops

I agree that we should support our troops and give them all the resources not only in war but when they return home and need assistance re-assimilating into society.

My daddy too was a soldier and served his country heroically and with honor but being a good soldier is not necessarily a quality to be President. As I read the Rolling Stone 10-page article that Tim Dickinson wrote and I thought that he reported facts of McCain's record as a soldier and a person.

The McCain that we saw abruptly suspend his campaign and asked to cancel the first debate, is the same McCain that Dickinson's article portrayed very accurately. When you get to be McCain's age, it is very hard to re-wire yourself - your character is already formed and no one can re-mold you. If you visit this youtube video, you will see evidence of McCain flip flops in his own words, not yours, not that one or mine but his.

Palin is married to Todd Palin someone who was a member of the Secessionists Alaska Party and since Sarah Palin has addressed their convention on more than one occasion; would you consider palling around with Secessionists grounds for treason? This is not someone accusing her, this is Sarah Palin in her own words as recently as 2008.

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