Sunday, October 12, 2008

McCain-Palin Double Talk Express

After watching an excerpt of Sarah Palin's speech today (October 12th) in St. Clairsville, Ohio, it prompted this straight talk to show that Palin-McCain are definitely not country first but politics first.

Sarah Palin said that her opponent wants to change things and go forward but Obama spends an awful lot of time looking at the past Bush-McCain last eight years because this is where you find blame.

Here's a relevant question for Sarah Palin - why is she looking back on abortion? Haven't we closed that chapter in women's lives? Is she looking back on abortion so that she too can find blame? Or is that she's looking to take our nation of progressive women backwards?

She said that McCain-Palin will balance the budget in their first term in office. In her own words, this is how they will do this:

Impose a spending freeze in all but the most vital functions except military spending, they wouldn't stop spending on our troops because they have to come home with a victory.

McCain-Palin will only spend on job training because they have to put America back to work. Does she know that there are about 756,000 of us currently unemployed? Or does she see this like some who say that 94% of us have jobs?

Palin-McCain will bring tax relief to every American.

This sounds very good as a stump speech but let's examine the reality of this so-called team of straight talk express mavericks that are traveling on the Double Talk Express.

How are you going to balance a budget by giving tax relief to every American? Tax relief to every American means that as government, you are reducing the amount of money you are collecting. Literally, can you balance your budget if you are earning less money? Does she think that you are stupid? What is this double talk?

This is obviously in response to Obama's Tax Cuts for everyone, EXCEPT those that earn over $250,000 so McCain-Palin jumps to their defense by trying to fool us the middle-class folks that earn $40,000 and up to $250,000.

They will freeze all spending except for the soldiers in the war because they have to come home with victory. We are spending $10B each month on the war in Araq. When does Palin-McCain expect this victory? When do they plan to come home with this victory?

This is a stubborn and bone-headed attitude. Let the Iraqis spend their $80B surplus looking after themselves. Prepare a responsible way to withdraw our troops and rather than a spending freeze in these hard times, invest the money we are currently spending in Iraq here at home on ourselves.

It took Bush-McCain eight years to rack up the current debt but Palin-McCain will (bring down) balance the debt in their first term i.e. four years. What a team of mavericks? Do you see how much more hardship this will create? This is like if you bought a home for $250,000 with a fixed mortgage term of 20-years at 5% interest and a manageable monthly payment. Then you receive notice that there's been an adjustment, your mortgage has to be paid back in 10-years so your payment has now quadrupled. What would this do to your life and budget?

In simple terms, this is what Palin-McCain is suggesting about balancing the government budget and reducing the debt. More ludicrous is that Palin-McCain said they will impose a spending freeze but yet they plan to buy back all the bad mortgages at their old values 2-3 years ago, not even the current values. Who are they buying these mortgages back from - the banks?

Who are they helping once again - the rich and privilege? Do you not get it, the mavericks for the rich? Did the $700B bailout not have a plan for these failed mortgages added to it already? I guess McCain doesn't like who that buy-back plan is helping. These mavericks take from the poor and give to the rich so you decide.

As Governor, Palin eliminated property taxes - true but what she has not told you is that she raised the sales taxes at the same time that she did that. Give in one hand and take more in the other hand. Let's examine Sarah Palin's maverick for the people at work. A property tax is an annual tax (once per year). You could set up a tax jar and drop all your loose change and plan to accumulate that tax.

A sales tax you pay every time you make a purchase all year round for all time, no way to avoid it so in the end you continually pay much more than you would have paid in property tax. Do you get it? Don't be fooled again - it's the old bait and switch game - these are no mavericks.

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