Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Domestic Terrorist - College Educator Professor

This Olbermann's video on political jackass is clear evidence that Sarah Palin does not read much otherwise she would realize that Bill Ayers is now a PhD professor at a College. Are all his students palling around with a domestic terrorist? Has the college hired a domestic terrorist? Are all his fellow colleagues at the College palling around with a domestic terrorist?

Do you see Palin how you suffer from a severe case of foot in mouth disease? Talk about what's really hurting us - mortgage meltdown, sub-prime loans, foreclosures, unemployment, health care, social security and our kids public education - give us your plan to help us with these multitude of issues that are affecting us right now, today. Please don't blow us off as you did with Gwen Ifill in the VP debate because we will cut you down to size on November 4th.

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