Thursday, October 16, 2008

Health Care Crisis Voices of Uninsured

As we prepare to vote on November 4th, we live in America (the greatest nation in the world) and there are 47 million people amongst us that are uninsured. This is a shame and don't say that you don't want another parent, the government, because you already have a pair.

How could McCain-Palin defend the unborn and the inherent rights of the unborn but ignore the rights of the living - these are real people with real stories? Who amongst us is willing to have these voices heard and who will speak for them? If the republicans and the right wing is so religious, do they believe what God has told us - that we are our brothers' keeper?

Are we so selfish that we can only care about ourselves? Are we not concerned about the under-privilege amongst us? Do you believe that 47 million people is just a statistic or are you like some of us and feel that this is a tragedy?

Some very special people amongst us, doctors of the American Medical Association (AMA) who have taken a Hippocratic Oath to care are forced to so with pre-conditions, insured patients come first. These good doctors have highlighted the plight of these desperate people:
  1. They can't afford health insurance.
  2. They have pre-existing conditions.
  3. They have limited access to health plans and benefits.
  4. Regardless, these people live sicker and die younger.
The AMA has put forward the broad solutions to this health care crisis as follows:
  • To provide all Americans with a means to purchase health care coverage.
  • To give individuals choices to select the appropriate coverage for themselves and their families especially, their children.
  • To promote market reforms that enable this new approach.
If you are one of the 47 million people that are becoming this faceless statistic, come forward, get involved, learn more, stay connected to your plight by contacting Voice for the Uninsured and finally, get out and VOTE.

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