Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama Energy Plan Clean Coal Technology

As a friend like to say, today is decision day in America. McCain-Palin is still at it and they have solicited some help from like-minded people who have resurrected Rev. Jeremiah Wright and other supposed skeletons from Barack's closet to try to distract us, the voters.

We have been treated by McCain like battered women - mistreated constantly each time showing some fake remorse while re-offending often times with even more abuse than before. Take this issue of clean coal that's being misrepresented in the coal-mining communities and the states that Republicans need to claw back in order to win the elections.

Obama's position is clear: set out high standards for the coal mining companies with incentives to accelerate private sector investment in commercial scale zero‐carbon coal facilities.

To maximize the speed at which this critical technology is advanced an Obama administration will instruct the Dept of Energy to enter into joint partnerships with coal mining companies to develop five first-of-a-kind commercial scale coal-fired plants with carbon capture and sequestration.

Ensure that this goal would be met by setting annual demand reduction targets that utilities would need to meet. Unlike McCain-Bush, having a measure of accountability in order to have serious commitment from the companies involved. As we've learned the hard way, no regulation or accountability equals no results and everyone suffers.

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