Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama - A Father's Promise to His Daughters

President-elect, Barack Obama wrote an open letter to his two beautiful daughters and like most of what he writes, it's very touching. He is a wonderful father, husband and man. A father wants good, better, best for his children and he wants to be available for them at every stage of their lives well into their grown-up years.

This writer was lucky to have a father just like Barack so I can recognize the good that he is in his words and he will do what he has promised to do because a good father never makes an unfulfilled promise. We, the American people have to commit to work with him to accomplish all the goals that he has set forth for us. We have to embrace his ideals and set out to realize the dream that has been promised to us.

The vision that he has of every child being challenge and inspired by schools, equal opportunity to go to college regardless of his financial circumstance is one that can be realize if we work hard together as parents and citizens to shape our own destiny.

We need to continue to pray for God's help to face life's struggles and the joy of knowing that with perseverance nothing is impossible. Mr. Obama's example is one that everyone can emulate to individual successes. This is an open call to all creative people, rappers, actors, writers and journalists that they owe it to our children to prevent all sides of the coin to prevent a balance approach.